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Goals App helps teams strengthen community by rewarding each other for sharing experiences that are important to them.
March 29 2020
Big thanks to Ashlee for helping me on that customer presentation!
Appreciate a teammate
March 29 2020
I've been practicing baking the past few weeks - it's paying off!
Learn something new
March 21 2020
It made me laugh and cry all at the same time - I loved it! 9/10
Share a quick movie review
March 19 2020
Welcome the newest member of the family - Oscar!
Share a life moment
March 16 2020
Was able to break away for a quick hike. It's a beautiful day!
Enjoy the great outdoors
March 9 2020
Homemade pizza from scratch! Just in time for summer
Watchu cookin'?

Create fun Goals for your team to complete and share.

When Goals are completed they are automatically posted to a shared feed for all to appreciate.

Accessible anywhere

Access the activity feed from desktop, the app (both iOS and Android) and Slack.

Appreciate a teammate
Enjoy the great outdoors
Share a fitness goal
Learn something new
What's your favorite movie?

Your team earns points for every Goal that they complete.

Customize how many points are earned when a Goal is completed by your team.
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Customize your point currency.

Lemons, donuts and bears - oh my! Get creative with your point currency.

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Individual Prize

$25 Amazon Gift Card

Let's all grab a bite to eat on the company dime.

Team Prize

Team Lunch

Let's all grab a bite to eat on the company dime.

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Points are redeemed for Prizes

There are two type of Prizes - Individual and Team Prizes. Both provide great ways to motivate your team to complete Goals and earn points.
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Team Prizes

All points earned from Goals are automatically put towards prizes that everyone can enjoy.

Individual Prizes

Individual Prizes are redeemed directly for points earned by completing Goals.

"Goals App has been the secret sauce to keeping our team together while working from home. We love it!"
Mat Vogels
CEO, Zestful

Everything you need to create the perfect team engagement program

There's no better way to keep your teams engaged and connected than completing fun Goals to share with each other.

Made for remote teams

Keeping your teams together no matter where they are.

Easy to use

Invite your team and start completing Goals in minutes.

Mobile app

Enjoy on the go with our Android and iOS apps.

Slack integration

Easily Integrate with your favorite workplace chat tool.

Peer Recognition

Send your team points and give them kudos.

Templates & Inspiration

We update inspiration weekly to keep things fresh.


Create challenges for your team members to complete.

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Create games for teams to compete against each other.

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Perfect for all types of teams

Whether you're an entire organization, or just a small team, Goals App makes it easy to get started and engaged in minutes.

Remote teams

Don't have an office? Goals App is perfect for distributed teams.

Startups & small biz

Small companies or startups with few (or no) teams.

Enterprise companies

Companies with hundreds of people and multiple teams.

Individual teams

A single team within a larger company or organization.

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